Our Story

KdBird part of Salt + Sprig Studio is located on the shores of the Puget Sound, in Washington State.  From her home studio, Kate, the designer and owner creates one-of-a-kind goods and wares using premium natural fibers and sustainably harvested natural dyes. Each product is thoughtfully produced in small batches. Slow processing means that every item from Salt + Sprig has been carefully and lovingly crafted to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.  

Our Process

Each product is crafted from natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool, silk, hemp) and then hand-dyed, in small batches, using sustainably harvested plant extracts, foraged materials, or plants from our small organic dye garden. 

To begin, each piece of cloth is scoured to remove all dirt and oils that remain after processing.  The material is then mordanted with an Alum based mordant to ensure that the natural color will be long lasting and of the highest quality. 

Then materials are hand-dyed in small batches.  Dye baths are often reused and combined with other dyes to create one of a kind colors.  After the materials and goods are dyed they are rinsed clear in grey water.  Some materials will be then modified with another ingredient to achieve a new color, but, eventually they will all be laundered using an eco-friendly detergent.  

As a general rule we use only long-lasting, historical dyes.  Dyes that have been used for thousands of years.  This does not mean that we don't experiment, but it means that we strive to only release quality natural dyed goods.  

The Designer

Kate is a self taught designer and natural dyer living in Tacoma, Washington.  She has always had a love affair with plants.  She grew up in her mothers garden. She followed her passion for plants and studied Sustainable Horticulture and Community Development in College.  After college, Kate had a twenty-year career in Public Horticulture and Garden Design, before having her daughter in 2015, and falling madly for natural dyeing.